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Tesla Delivery Checklist

Picking up a new car is one the most exciting things there is. At least for me. In that excitement, seeing that shiny new car in front of you, it’s easy to be mesmerized and miss a few things that need to be addressed. It’s much easier to deal with it there on the spot than to discover it days later at home.

This may seem like a long list, but don’t be overwhelmed. It doesn’t take very long to go through it and you can be sure that your car is in proper condition before you head out on our first drive.


Pick up Date:_________________________________ Time: __________________________

Delivery Specialist Name:____________________________

The morning of..

  • Install the Tesla app ahead of time to be prepared.
  • Print out and bring all your paperwork, drivers license, cheques, proof of down payment/payment, etc.

At the dealership

  • Make sure your VIN matches your sales contract.
  • Check that the owner’s manual is with the car.
  • Verify that the correct options are on your car. Some are dealer installed.
  • Inspect the Universal Mobile Connector cable ( UMC ) and be sure the 3 standard adapters are accounted for. Nema 5-15, 14-50, J1772.
  • Don’t forget to ask for your toy model!



  • Check the condition of the paint, look for any spots where paint is thin or overspray where paint is not where it should be such as trim panels.
  • There is no paint scratches or excessive “orange peel”


  • Inspect all panels to insure alignment and check that there are no excessive or uneven gaps.  A common occurrence.
  • Check the front trunk to see that it is flush to the body work.
  • Front and rear lights to insure lenses are flush with bodywork.
  • Glass roof is aligned.
  • Front and rear light seals are intact and no condensation is in the housings.
  • Rims have no scratches or gouges.
  • Doors are aligned and open and shut smoothly.
  • Side mirrors move smoothly.
  • Charge port door opens properly.


  • Check there are no scratches on interior surfaces.
  • Check windshield and windows have no scratches or waves.
  • Insure that the floor mats have been included.
  • Inspect seats for abrasions or rips.
  • Check window operation.
  • Test AC and Heat functions to be sure they work correctly.
  • Move the seats in all directions and check for squeaks or any no linear movement.
  • Check interior lights are all working.
  • Check the rear camera operation.
  • Go through the included car apps to be sure they are working. Streaming audio, mapping, etc.
  • Check sound system and be sure there are no buzzes or rattles from each speaker.


  • Both Key Cards work.
  • Tesla App Key works.
  • Other App features work ( both trunks, preconditioning, climate control, remote locking, etc. )
  • Check about screen and make sure information on screen matches your paper work.
  • Verify that the car has the most recent software update.