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About Us

Welcome to The Tech of EVs. My name is Mike and I love cars.

That’s really all there is to it. I can’t remember back far enough to where my love began but was probably pretending to drive in my aunts Mustang Fastback. Maybe it was the time I saw a Jaguar XJS with a wing on the back and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. ( Luckily I never lived that dream and bought one, might have squashed my car love altogether )

I’ve had a LOT of cars over the years. I wrote a list at work once for fun and it wound up being two pages long, 8.5X11 single-spaced!

BMW M5, 740, X5 – Ferrari 328, a Pantera, 911 with a whale tail. I had a lot of regular cars too,  A couple Civics, a Mazda MX6 which I loved, A Mini, Infiniti, honestly it was a really long list.

At one point I even spent a few years selling cars. I worked at a Mazda dealership back when the Miata was a hot item. I enjoyed being around cars all day. Taking people on test drives and teaching people about cars.

Sadly, selling cars isn’t as glamorous as it appears and I decided it was time to go back to selling Tech stuff like I used to.

I still went through a lot of cars and enjoyed everyone of them, in one way or another.

For many ( too many, I’m getting old ) I’ve been an advanced driving instructor. Free track time is always worth it! I’ve owned my Honda S2000 for 22 years now. Hands down the most reliable thing I’ve ever bought.

And now, I got sucked into a Tesla. I’m not fanatical. They have their issues, but wow, what a car. I really didn’t expect to be buying an electric vehicle.

I missed teaching and helping people with cars and so I started a website to help people with questions they may have about electric cars. I once introduced a new technology to North America, and although it was similar to the old, people were lost. While EVs are quite new, they aren’t as different as some may think.

My goal is simply to make this a place where you can get an honest opinion, a correct answer and enjoyable moment away from the outside world.

Thank you for stopping by The Tech of EVs and a safe journey to you.

Mike M.