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Tesla Model 3 VS. Tesla Model Y

Which one is right for you?

So you were ready to pull the trigger on the Tesla Model 3 and all of a sudden here comes the Model Y.

It’s new, it’s bigger, it’s got an extra feature or two. So you should you opt for the Model Y or stick with the Model 3? Let’s find out.

Both Tesla’s have the same drivetrain, either in Long Range AWD or Performance options. It’s important to note that at this time there is no standard range Model Y. If the need for speed and extra range is not a requirement for you, not to mention budget then right off the bat the Model 3 will be for you.

Now let’s assume that AWD and a longer range are on your list. You now have both models to choose from.

Let’s start with the specs.

While both models have the same horsepower the lighter Model 3 has a faster 0-60 acceleration time. It also offers a slightly higher range, all though in reality it is negligible. The main difference between the two relate the size.

The Model Y is 2 inches longer, 3 inches wider and 7 inches higher than the Model 3. This gives the driver a higher seating position, or command over the road and also adds 24 cubic feet of storage space.

Passenger space is largely unchanged, although a increase in head room adds to a more open seating area. Add to that the back to front glass roof and it’s as if the headroom is limitless. The model 3 still has plenty of headroom for all but the NBA stars among us. Though it’s segmented glass roof does not feel as wondrous as the Model Y.

There is a drawback to that roof however and it’s the point where the roof meets the rear hatch. For many people, that large attachment point falls right in your rearward view and can make seeing behind you much more difficult that the Model 3.

Both Model 3 and Model 3 have folding back seats allowing you fit larger items. A trip to home depot can take home most things in either car.

However again, the Model Y shines in its Sport Utility clothing ads quite a bit extra room due to it’s height and a little extra width as well at the rear seat area.

In fact, the Model Y acts a pretty decent 2 person camper. Take a look at this Amazon Affiliate link of this custom mattress that fits the Model Y.

Fire up “Camp mode” and enjoy a warm dry space to camp out in.

In fact on a personal note, this was the single biggest reason that swayed me to the Model Y. I’m a lightweight camper at best and this just seemed so…civilized.

So if the extra space would help, the Model Y really is a better package as far as space is concerned.

How much does it cost?

The Model 3 Long Range AWD starts at $46,690.00 USD not including rebates. Those can vary widely depending on where you live and could knock $5000.00 or more off the price. The Model Y on the other hand comes in at $49,990.00 USD. A good $3000.00 more than the Model 3. Is it worth it?

There’s one last thing to point out before we come to a conclusion and that is where you live.

The Tesla Model Y is equipped with a heat pump which increases the climate control efficiency by 300% if you are in a cold climate this could have a big impact on your range. It’s a known fact that range decreases by quite a bit in colder climates. The heat pump does a lot to reduce this deficit. If you’re in Buffalo or Toronto, you are really going to like that heat pump.

So which one is the better car for you? If speed is your thing and family not so much, the Model 3 is more nimble on its feet, faster, has slightly better range and is a little easier to maneuver around as well. On the other hand, if you’ve got those 2.5 kids, carrying around an wide array of strollers, camping gear, bikes, etc. then the extra space of the Model Y is well worth the price premium.

If you had to chose between the two, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’m curious how you approached the decision.