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When is the best time to install an EV Charger?

While you are better off getting a proper charger installed sooner than later, it just so happens that at the time of this posting, the Fall is a perfect time to finally get your charger installed.

Here’s why getting your charger up and running in the Fall is the perfect time.

1. The Weather is Still Nice

Its typical to pay a premium if an electrician will be out working in cold harsh conditions. Why pay more if you don’t have to. Of course this applies to people in the northern climates, but I know that’s a lot of us!

On top of that, if  you are going to have some wires buried, it’s much easier to do it when the ground is not frozen.

2. Less disruption to your yard

If you need to run some lines across your yard, or perhaps through that prized rose bush, then the fall is the best time to do it. Plants start going into hibernation mode in the fall and it is much less risk moving things around at this time.

3. Less waiting

Spring and summer are the busiest times of the year for most businesses. Contractors most certainly find themselves booked solid during the peak months. Getting your installation done in the fall means less wait and perhaps a better price too as the contractor isn’t swamped with business.

4. More likely to be around

The summer months are busy for most of  us. As the fall comes, we start to slow down and travel less. Having your EV charging hook up installed without being home means that it’s more likely to be put in the wrong place or worse. Take advantage of that home time and have it installed while you can keep an eye on it.

5. Winter is Coming!

If you live in a cooler climate, you know that when the leaves start falling the cold weather is coming.

My tongue in cheek list of reasons to have your EV charger installed in the Fall really comes down to this. Winter is coming and you  will certainly want to have your charger set up before then.

The cold has a large effect on your available range. You want to start off each day fully charged.

On top of that, everybody likes to get into a warm car in the morning. Having your car on charge over night means you can set it to be nice and toasty by the time you  leave without affecting your available range at all.

So there is a silly list of reasons why you should get your charger installed ASAP, and the fall is the perfect time to do it.